Framed Photo Images: 20" X 26" and Rocks Lamps
CR L1: 14"W X 36"H EL.
CR L2: 14"W X 36"H EL.
CR L3:  14"W X 36"H EL..
CR L4: 14"W X 36"H EL.
CR L5: 14"W X 36"H EL.
CRL6: 14"W X 36"H EL.
City of Rocks: I visited City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico and I was very impressed with
how nature took its course after a large volcano erupted approximately 35 millions years ago
and later with erosion artistically created,  formed and sculptured rocks of different sizes and
shapes. As a Graphic Artist and Photographer, I decided  to create Art Lamps with Rocks Images to introduce them on my web site, as part of my already existing Art Lamps. My intention
is that many people will see them and appreciate nature's imaginative geological monuments.                                        ( Photographs / Images are available)                                                                                                                                                                                       Dragan Zivkovic      
CR-4: F/S  20"X26"
CR-6:  F/S  20"X26"
CR 5 F/S  20"X26"
CR-3:  F/S  20"X26"
CR-2: F/S  20"X26"
CR-1:  F/S  20"X26"
$ 110.00
$ 110.00
$ 110.00
$ 110.00
$ 110.00
$ 265.00
$ 265.00
$ 265.00
Made in USA
Art Lamps
City of Rocks

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CR/L: 14"W -36"H  $265.00