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The Custom Picture Frame Lamp
Created form yours own favorite Photo   or Art images Size: 5" X 7" or 4" X 5"

Custom Picture Frame Lamps - shades
Custom Lamps Shades are made for Photo / art images,  frame sizes: 4" X 5" and 5" X 7"
and Shades  are design: Square, Rectangular and Triangle Shape. 

You can use Custom Lamp Shade for anya favorite
Family Photo or special occasion and holiday photo/images, simply insert and remove from the
top  of the frame
Custom Order Lamps
Custom Shade of the lamp can be printed with family photo
( Children, Weding, Pets) or business oriented
advertising images. Just imagine lamp in Beauty Salon's
with hear styling image in reception  office area, or Lamps
showing the wonder of the world in a travel Agency,
The possibility are endless.
    A                                            B                                   C
The Custom picture Frame Lamps: A - B - C, Square 10"W X 28"H
with four different metal frames design to insert 4- images -Photo

    Custom order Lamps: Wedding, Beauty Salon and Family Pats, or any
Supplied image of your dressier: Photo or Art work on disk or Paper
  A                                                                  B                                                                C
W L-A: 12"W X 30" H ( Round)
2-Different photo   $95.00
W L - B/C:  Square Lamp 10"W X29"H  Four Different images- Photo
FPL #1: Porch light
FPL #2: Porch light
FML #3: Square 6.5" X11.5" $50.00
FML #4: Square 6" X10"  $65.00
ML #8: Triangle 10" X13" $55
ML #1: Square6" X 10" $55.00
ML #1: Rentagular 6" X 9"X 11"
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