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Art Lamps
Floor Lamps
Multy Purpose Lamp
M/P- Lamp: Hight 64"- Shade D-7" X 22"H
Multy Purpose Lamp you can use any desire angle and light intensity. Great for readng,
entertaining and realaxing.
  Abstract Oval Lamp:
H 62" :Shade: 12" W X 22"H

Picock: Round Lmaps
Hight 62"Shade: D-10" X 20"H

Picocok: Oval Lamp :
Hight: 62"Shade:12"W X 20"H
Shades with Giclee Printing
Lamps Shades
Our Lamps Shades: Giclee Printed with UV ink, on transparent, heat resisting material. The are finished
with varnish and texturing material to look like the
original art. They could be clean with damp sponge
#1 FL: $110.00
Garden Flowers Oval Lamps
Hight:62"   Shade 12"W X 18"H
#3 FL: $110.00
#2 FL:  $110.00
#7 FL: $110.00
#6 FL: $110.00
#5 FL: $110.00
#4FL: $110.00
#8 FL: $110.00


#9 MPL: $165.00
Artist - Art